FlashWrap Conical Split Flashing


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FlashCo conical split pipe flashing. Standard Sizes of FlashCo Split Conical Flashings are named: Bantam .5-1 (½”-1″), Welter 1-3 (1″-3″), Middle 3-5 (3″-5″), Cruiser 5-7 (5″-7″), Super 7-9 (7″-9″).

FlashCo designed these conical splits to fit continuous penetrations and are split so you can wrap the boot around the penetration. Prefabricated splits save significant time eliminating field fabrication. Standard sizes are the range of the OD the boot will fit, for example, if the OD of your continuous penetration was 3” you would order the 2” – 4” standard size.

Conical splits are designed to be cut down at the top of the riser in the field just prior to installation so there is a little bit more labor involved than installing a round split. FlashCo recommends using Round Splits because they are easier to install and look better. However, conicals offer more range flexibility if you don’t know diameters of your penetrations also allowing for objects at the base of the penetration such as bolts or collars only the bottom of a cone can accommodate.

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Bantam .5-1 (½”-1″), Welter 1-3 (1″-3″), Middle 3-5 (3″-5″), Cruiser 5-7 (5″-7″), Super 7-9 (7″-9″)




White, Dark Bronze, Gray, Slate Gray, Tan



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