TPO & PVC Coated Metal – Pre-Bent and Full Sheets

24 Gauge (0.6mm) Galvanized Sheet Coated & Adhered to TPO or PVC Membrane

  • Availability: Full Sheets and Pre-Bent Profiles
  • Save Time: Full Sheets in Stock, Pre-Bent in 1-3 Days
  • Colors:  White, Tan & Gray
  • Packaging: Full Sheets: 25 Sheets per pallet.; Weight: Approximately 1,227 lbs. (556 kg) per pallet; Edge Metal: 10 per bundle.

FlashCo coated metal is available in 4’ x 10’ sheets and fabricated into various accessories such as; edge metal profiles including drip edge and gravel stop, scupper drains, and other customized prefabricated parts.

FlashCo’s coated metal is covered under a 20 year limited warranty, and conforms to ASTM A 653 standards.

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