Private Labeling

Private Label Manufacturing

FlashCo® Manufacturing, Inc. is the premier private labeling fabricator of single ply roof flashings and accessories. With multiple fabricating facilities around the country, we produce standard and custom, high quality prefabricated accessories in a controlled environment, resulting in parts on the roof in fewer days at lower cost.

FlashCo has developed strong relationships with the major membrane manufacturers. We work closely with them to ensure that FlashCo manufactured parts meet all specifications and requirements.

Since 2000, FlashCo has been designing and creating flashings for the roofing industry. This experience has enabled us to install the equipment necessary to manufacture a wide range of standard and custom accessories. We work together with the membrane manufacturers to design flashings for all applications.

In conjunction with the membrane manufacturers, FlashCo is branding all of the parts manufactured in our plants. This branding initiative enables roofing contractors to be sure they are receiving and installing genuine parts. Read more about FlashCo’s Branding Initiative.

At FlashCo, we understand that speed in the delivery of flashings is critical for roofing contractors to complete jobs and move valuable resources to their next job. Therefore, FlashCo has built manufacturing facilities throughout the country to allow parts to be quickly delivered to their necessary location.

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