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Roofing ContractorAt FlashCo, our focus is on speed. We want to help you save time and get off the roof sooner with our prefabricated accessories. We know that accessories are a small part of every roofing job, but it’s costly and time consuming to try and fabricate them yourself when you could be getting on to your next job.


Since 2000, FlashCo has been providing high quality flashings for a wide range of jobs and have developed standard flashings in TPO, PVC, Lead, Copper, Zinc and Galvanized. In addition, we are experts in custom flashings and can help you design the exact flashing for even the most challenging application.


FlashCo has plants located throughout the US to help get you products quickly and at the lowest freight costs. In fact, many FlashCo orders are delivered on our own trucks.


Our customers appreciate FlashCo’s values of integrity, respect, customer service and a can-do attitude. We are here to help.

We look forward to working with you.