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NDL vs. Non-NDL Jobs

FlashCo handles all your job types for both NDL and non-NDL jobs.

FlashCo works with all of the major roofing manufacturers and distributors.

FlashCo Partners

FlashCo’s Branding Program

Because FlashCo works with all the major manufacturers we have significant experience with NDL and non-NDL jobs. In fact, in 2016 FlashCo initiated a branding program that places the manufacturer’s logo on all parts shipped from any of our plants. This branding program enables inspectors to quickly identify the manufacturer of any parts.

FlashCo Bramding Initiative

Frequent Questions

Why should I contact FlashCo first?

The main reason to contact FlashCo first is speed. Our brand promise is focused on saving the contractor time and the new Edge Program will continue to help us deliver on that promise. In addtion, as the accessories fabricator, we have intimate knowledge about the products and can get any of your questions answered. Plus, with our 5 locations, we’re able to deliver 90% of orders within 3 days.

Does FlashCo Sell Direct?

FlashCo does not sell directly to contractors. We sell through roofing distributors throughout the country. FlashCo has relationships with all of the major roofing distributors, so just tell us who you work with and we’ll take care of the rest.

How Does it Work if my Job is an NDL Job?

FlashCo is an approved fabricator for all of the major manufacturers. As such, we provide accessories for NDL and non-NDL jobs. If you have an NDL job, just let us know your manufacturer’s rep and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll contact your rep and also your distributor to make sure they know what accessories you need for your job. Plus we’ll keep you in the loop about lead times, delivery, etc.

What kind of products are you talking about when you say prefabricated accessories?

FlashCo makes standard and custom TPO and PVC accessories. Our products include: boots (split & closed), vents, drains, edge metal and additional accessories such as pitch pockets, corners, curbs and t-joint covers. View our full product line here.