Horizontal Lifeline System – Components


The Total Grip HLL System is a complete solution that can be adapted to any work area. Our system can be installed directly to the roof or to the structure if necessary, depending on the calculation obtained through our HLL Assistant calculation tool.

Our selection of bases allows the Total Grip system to be used on any type of structure; concrete, metal, roof with insulation, trapezoidal roof, standing seam roof, round or double-folded and many others.

Our HLL System has been designed with the integrity of the roof structure in mind. Our installation components are considered non-invasive with a limited number of components. It employs aluminum rivets on trapezoidal roofs and aluminum roof clamps on standing seam roof, round or double fold. Only the installation of our Aluminum Base Plate requires a small hole of 1 5/8″ to install the required toggle anchor.

Another key distinction of the Total Grip system is our simply designed yet convenient and safe Roof/Wall slider, which allows users to move smoothly and without interruptions throughout the entire installed horizontal lifeline, passing through the cable guides without needing to disconnect from the line.

Due to our sophisticated design and modular configuration, our system can be installed using posts with integrated kinetic absorber between a tensioner end and a swage end, or with rigid posts between a line dampener and tensioner end.

A limited number of required components makes the Total Grip lifeline system easy to inspect. If a fall occurs and the line is impacted, only the kinetic absorber or line dampener need to be replaced, and the other components can continue to be used as long as the line is re-tensioned. This makes for a quick and cost-effective replacement process with no effect on the roof structure.