FlashCo South Carolina Office

FlashCo® Bringing Prefabricated Accessories To The East Coast

(Santa Rosa, CA, May 6, 2014) – FlashCo Manufacturing Inc. is building its first location dedicated to serving the East Coast and Southeast. The new FlashCo plant opening in Piedmont, South Carolina will produce standard and custom accessories for commercial and residential roofing projects. Accessories manufactured will be available in TPO, PVC, Lead, Copper, Zinc and Galvanized Metal to meet the needs of roofing contractors.

FlashCo saves the contractor time by providing single ply roof flashings and accessories that install up to five times faster than field fabricated parts. On a typical job roof flashings can represent about 5% of the project cost, but can take up to 20% or more of the project time. Saving time and labor costs can make a big difference on the bottom line for contractors.

“Saving the contractor time is our mission!” said Greg Morrow, FlashCo President and Founder. “With our Piedmont facility, FlashCo will be ideally located to significantly reduce freight costs and transit times for our East Coast and Southeast customers, as well as our private label partners.”

A key part within FlashCo’s growth has been its commitment to getting standard and custom made parts to contractors in one to three days. According to Greg, “It has always been my vision and dream to strategically locate FlashCo throughout the country, because in our business, it is all about getting product into the contractor’s hands when they want it. Roof flashings and accessories are sometimes overlooked on projects, so we get them the parts they need to finish the job on schedule and move their valuable labor resource to new projects.”

FlashCo’s Piedmont, SC facility is scheduled to open June 1, 2014. It will be the 7th facility for FlashCo, joining Santa Rosa, CA, Chandler, AZ, Woodland, WA, Englewood, CO, Raytown, MO and North Salt Lake City, UT.

FlashCo has grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of roof flashings and accessories in North America. FlashCo manufactures standard and custom accessories for commercial and residential roofing contractors and its flashings are sold through thousands of roofing supply distributors located throughout the country. FlashCo is committed to providing the best designed, longest lasting roof accessories available. For more information visit FlashCoMfg.com

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