Fall Protection Systems

FlashCo® Expands Product Line with Fall Protection Systems

(Santa Rosa, CA) – FlashCo recently announced the addition of fall protection systems to its product offering. The company is the largest independent maker of roof flashings and accessories, and the new fall protection systems further enhances FlashCo’s line of roofing products. The new fall protection products include horizontal lifeline systems, tie-back anchors and rooftop safety access platforms. FlashCo’s fall protection products are now available and can be seen at upcoming trade shows including, IRE and IIBEC.

“We have over 23 years of experience on the roof,” explains Bill Bartell, VP of Sales & Marketing, “so this is a natural extension of our core expertise. The new fall protection systems will be coupled with certified installers, so we can offer a complete solution that includes the hardware, installation and maintenance.”

The horizontal lifeline system, Total Grip, can be installed on virtually any roof. Base plates are attached to the roof with minimal intervention. The Total Grip horizontal lifeline system features an uninterrupted connection which allows the user to remain connected throughout the entire system without the need to disconnect and reconnect. The modular design enables multiple setup options for different applications, all using the same base plates.

“Our new horizontal lifeline system is a great product for the market,” says Bartell. “It’s an engineered system that’s non-invasive. With our roofing and waterproofing background, we can really help roofers sell the system and keep it watertight too.”

FlashCo’s tie-back roof anchors feature a robust anchor point and are durably constructed. With a wide range of mounting options, FlashCo’s tie-back anchors offer a complete façade access system. As with all FlashCo fall protection products, the tie-back anchors are designed to meet and
exceed building codes, ANSI, CSA, and OSHA.

“FlashCo has an excellent partner for our tie-back anchors and rooftop safety access platforms,” explains Bartell. “This partner, Thaler Metals, is one that we’ve worked with for many years. We know the quality and dependability of the products they make and adding them to out fall protection line makes a lot of sense. We’re happy to have a robust fall protection line to offer the market and we’ll be expanding this product line in the near future.”

For more information about FlashCo’s fall protection systems visit https://www.flashco.com/fall-protection/.

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