FlashCo’s Cladded Metal Accessories Provide a Solution for Challenging Penetrations

(Santa Rosa, CA, June 17, 2014) – Custom Pre-fabricated Scuppers and Sealant Pockets are the most labor intensive and difficult accessories to fabricate. Combining cladded metal and detail membrane with multiple angle changes is a challenge even for experienced fabricators. FlashCo’s innovative prefabricated Scuppers and Sealant Pockets saves the contractor a significant amount of time in two ways. It eliminates shop or field fabrication and minimizes installation time.

When installing Scuppers and Pourable Sealant Pockets the contractor simply lifts the flange of unreinforced membrane exposing the un-welded portion of the cladded metal. The accessory is
securely fastened to the deck, and in the case of the Through Wall Scupper, the wall too. The detail membrane then lays down extending 2 ½” beyond the cladded metal. The flange is now ready to be heat welded to the un-welded portion of the cladded metal and onto the deck finishing off the installation.

“FlashCo has been instrumental in optimizing the time of our most precious resource…our employees’ time; while increasing the quality of our product and service. Drainage points for a roof system always present the most concern within the scope of our industry. Having the ability to purchase a cost competitive scupper product manufactured in a controlled environment has increased the quality of our scupper detailing while optimizing our installers time.” – Anthony Zaffuto, Sylvester Roofing Co. Inc

Another inherent challenge with these types of details is that they are all different, hence custom. Since custom accessories need to be fabricated on a per job basis, systems must be in place to ensure timely and accurate information. At FlashCo we focus on tools to save the contractor time such as, providing online quote forms and drawings that can be filled out and submitted. To be effective custom accessories must be produced and shipped with a very fast lead time and at FlashCo that typically means within 1 – 3 days. Custom pre-fabricated Scuppers and Sealant Pockets eliminates the hassle of making your own, saves on installation time, improved appearance and performs better because they are made in a factory environment.

FlashCo has grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of roof flashings and accessories in North America. FlashCo manufactures standard and custom accessories for commercial and residential roofing contractors and its flashings are sold through thousands of roofing supply distributors located throughout the country. FlashCo is committed to providing the best designed, longest lasting roof accessories available. For more information visit FlashCoMfg.com.

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