FlashCo’s House Brand and Supply Chain Issues

Date:  September 22, 2021

To:  FlashCo Distributor Partners

In 2016, FlashCo published an article on its branding promise. The promise is to permanently brand every single-ply part that is made at FlashCo. All single-ply parts have either the FlashCo brand debossed in the membrane or one of our partners marks.

The branding initiative was readily accepted by both the professional roofing contractor and our membrane manufacturing partners. When FlashCo, a trusted source, began marking the source and plant origin of every part, all stakeholders experienced increased confidence, especially on no dollar limit, warranted jobs. Today, FlashCo still brands every single-ply part made in all of its 7 plants around the country.

For discretionary jobs, FlashCo is selling to the wholesale roofing distributor. All of these single-ply parts are branded with the FlashCo logo. For maximum efficiency, FlashCo stocks one house membrane brand for production of finished goods on discretionary jobs. However, recent supply chain lead-time issues, impacting the entire industry, are causing FlashCo to pivot.

FlashCo is no longer able to provide one house brand for all its single-ply accessories produced for discretionary jobs. In an effort to minimize any disruptions to your supply chain, FlashCo will continue to source membrane from our major membrane manufacturing partners, but our house brand may vary. We wanted to make you aware of this change since expectations can differ. Rest assured that our house brand will always be compatible with the field membrane, regardless of the brand.

All FlashCo plants have remained open throughout the entirety of the pandemic and while supply chain issues have plagued the industry, we have been able to ship FlashCo branded flashings and accessories daily. This minor change will help FlashCo ensure supply for our business partners in the weeks and months ahead.

Your FlashCo sales representative will be reaching out soon to make sure you have received this notice and answer any questions you may have. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to reach out to Rick Morrow, or your sales representative with any questions. For over 20 years, FlashCo has been saving the contractor time, and we know this is not possible without the support of our invaluable distribution partners. Thank you for continuing to put your trust in FlashCo and thank you for the business.

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