Product Update Announcement: Conical Closed Boots

June 24, 2020

To: FlashCo Customers

FlashCo is pleased to announce improvements to the FlashJack™ Conical Closed Boot series of flashings. Conical Closed Boots are a major time saver, enabling the roofing contractor to fit a range of penetrations using a single boot that can be quickly cut to size.

Product improvements include:

  • New design: We have adjusted the design of our cones to ensure they will snugly fit any size penetration from a ½” diameter, all the way up to a 9” diameter penetration while maintaining a minimum height of 6” or greater.
  • New sizing configuration: FlashCo’s new sizing configuration makes finding the right FlashJack Conical Closed Boot, simple and straight-forward every time. (see below)
  • Flange: 5” flanges are now standard on each FlashJack Conical Closed Boot.
  • Reinforced membrane: The entire riser and flange are now comprised of reinforced membrane for even more strength and durability in the field.

In addition to these improvements, FlashCo also offers Conical Closed Boots in custom sizes and colors, as well as unreinforced detail membrane.

FlashCo continues to raise the bar in the industry by making improvements our products, our service and finding even more ways to save the contractor time. The new and improved Conical Closed Boots will save contractors time, both in the office and in the field.

FlashCo is committed to the ongoing success of our customers and we welcome your feedback, questions and product improvement ideas. Please feel free to reach out to me, or to your FlashCo
representative at any time.

Joshua Vanderhoof
Product Manager, FlashCo

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Standard Sizes


Description Bantam .5-1 Welter 1-3 Middle 3-5 Cruiser 5-7 Super 7-9
Size Range ½” – 1″ 1″ – 3″ 3″ – 5″ 5″ – 7″ 7″ – 9″
Closed Cones Middle 3-5
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