BUR FlashJack Closed Boots

BUR Closed Flashings


Innovative flashing with counter flash. Used for plumbing vent pipes.

BUR Closed Boots

Cylindrical Closed

Cylindrical pipe, penetration flashings. Used for vent pipes & solar stanchions.

Stack Jack

Stack Jack™ Flashings

Standard & insulated spun aluminum from Thaler Metals.

Save time on the roof

Made from lead and copper, FlashCo Closed Boots are a time saver by allowing the installer to swiftly install the flashing over pipes and penetrations. The FlashCaps and closed boots are quick and easy to install.

New spun aluminum standard and insulated flashings from Thaler Metals.


  • No need to field fabricate
  • Requires minimal field installation time
  • No equipment or service disruption or downtime


  • High quality parts made in a controlled factory environment
  • Minimized airspace and the potential for condensation
  • 20 year warranty
  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance

Sizes Available

  • Standard sizes to fit common roof penetrations
  • Custom sizes built to order