FlashAccessory™ Single Ply Accessories

Sealant Pockets

Sealant Pockets

Two piece interlocking sealers.

Corners, Inside, Outside, Pre-Molded


Outside, inside & pre-molded.



1-piece, 2-piece & 4-piece.

T-Joint Covers

T-Joint Covers

Seal channels at intersections.


55 mil non-reinforced TPO.

Roof Stanchion

Secure roof top equipment

Save time on the roof

Made from 60 mil reinforced TPO and PVC, FlashCo Accessories are a time saver by allowing roofers to quickly complete jobs and get off the roof to the next job.


  • No need to field fabricate
  • Requires minimal field installation time
  • Pre-fabricated parts for common flashing applications


  • High quality parts made in a controlled factory environment
  • 20 year warranty
  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance

Sizes Available

  • Standard sizes to fit common roof penetrations
  • Custom sizes built to order