FlashJack Closed Boots



Innovative flashing with counter flash. Used for plumbing vent pipes.

Cylindrical Closed Boot


Cylindrical pipe, penetration flashings. Used for vent pipes & solar stanschions.

Conical Closed Boot


Conical pipe, penetration flashings. Used for plumbing vents & solar stanchions.

Universal Conical Boot

Molded Pipe Seal

Economical flashing designed for pipes from 1″-6″. Available in EPDM, TPO & PVC.

Stack Jack

Stack Jack™

Standard & insulated spun aluminum flashings from Thaler Metals.

Save time on the roof

Made from 60 mil reinforced TPO and PVC, FlashCo Closed Boots are a time saver by allowing the installer to swiftly install the flashing over pipes and penetrations. The FlashCaps and closed boots are quick and easy to install.


  • No need to field fabricate
  • Requires minimal field installation time
  • Sized to fit common pipe vent penetrations


  • High quality parts made in a controlled factory environment
  • Minimized airspace and the potential for condensation
  • 20 year warranty
  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance

Sizes Available

  • Standard sizes to fit common roof penetrations
  • Custom sizes built to order