FlashVent™ Vent Flashings

Easy Flapper Vent


Exhaust vents equipped with flappers & removable screen.

Breather Vents

Breather Vents

Breather vents help deliver pressure equalization.

T-Top Vents

T & Square Tops

Allows air to flow freely while preventing water infiltration.

Parapet Wall Vent

Wall Vent

Wall vents for rooftop vent applications.

Gravity Vents

Gravity Vents

Allows air movement without powered ventilators.

Sub Base & Boot

Sub base & boot for rooftop vent applications.

Vent Assembly

Vent Assembly

Vent assemblies for rooftop vent applications.

Louver Vent

Louver Vents

Allow free flowing air between vented area and exterior.

Thaler Vents

Spun aluminum relief, gravity and exhaust vents.

Save time on the roof

Made for single-ply roofing systems, FlashCo Vent Flashings are a time saver by allowing the installer to quickly vent penetrations on the roof. FlashCo carries a wide range of vent types and sizes for every application.


  • No need to field fabricate
  • Allow air to flow freely while keeping water out of the structure
  • Requires minimal field installation time
  • Quick and easy to install in minutes


  • High quality parts made in a controlled factory environment
  • Minimized airspace and the potential for condensation
  • 20 year warranty
  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance

Sizes Available

  • Standard sizes to fit common roof penetrations
  • Custom sizes built to order