Weatherhead Roof Flashing

Replacing The Weatherhead Flashing

Replacing the Weatherhead Flashing when re-roofing has always presented somewhat of a challenge for the roofing contractor…Finally a practical solution that is not going to break the bank.

The FlashCo® Weatherhead Flashing provides a watertight long lasting seal…and we made it easy to install too. FlashCo® Weatherhead Flashing is a two piece flashing specifically designed to flash around an existing electrical mast without having to disconnect power to the structure. The FlashCo® Weatherhead Flashing is completely watertight and easy to install.

Other flashings on the market are either priced way too high, or simply do not do the job. Modifying an existing flashing is very risky and time consuming. The FlashCo® Weatherhead Flashing is reasonably priced and saves an enormous amount of time.

Roofing systems are lasting longer and it only makes sense your flashings should too. The FlashCo® Weatherhead Flashing is constructed with lead and solder and has a lifetime warranty. All good roofers know lead is the #1 choice for a quality job done right and nobody does it better than FlashCo®. The Weatherhead is also available in 100% pure zinc.

Nothing on the market saves the roofing contractor time and gives you peace of mind like the FlashCo® all lead Weatherhead.

Available for all standard conduit sizes and cut to the pitch of your roof. Orders typically ship in a day or two. FlashCo® manufactures a full line of roof flashings and accessories for single-ply and built-up roofing systems and premium lead flashings for composition shingles, tile and other long lasting steep slope systems.

Rick Morrow
Product Development Manager

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