Technical Bulletin: Drop Outlets

Bulletin Number: FC21 – 001
Date: 3/18/21
Distribution: External

FlashCo® would like to remind customers of the proper application for our Drop Outlets. FlashCo’s Drop Outlets are designed to be used as part of an external drainage system and are NOT designed or tested to prevent leaks in the event of a backup or clog. These products are intended for use in conjunction with gutters and downspouts. NEVER use Drop Outlets with internal drainage systems. FlashCo recommends a maintenance schedule to ensure your drainage system continues to function as designed.

If you have questions or comments about Drop Outlets, or other products and their intended uses, please reach out to me or contact your local FlashCo representative.

Thank you,

Josh Vanderhoof – Product Manager
P: 360-727-7901
F: 360-225-4663
1383 Down River Drive
Woodland, WA 98674

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